Florian - Kameraassistent

shorts´n stuff

This is a short by Florian Bellack and me. It is a spin-off and video answer on a german filmcrew insider hit of 
Thomas Hempel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDVG9sXGehw He was doing this short in order to gain popularity and jobs as 1st AD in the german movie business. It was so funny that we alsongide several other filmpeople decided to do our own version of an application video.

Directors: Florian Bellack, Michael Rathgeber
Cinematography: Michael Rathgeber
Additional Camerawork: Norwin Hatschbach
Editing: Michael Rathgeber
After Effects: Florian Bellack
Grading: Michael Hochpöchler
Sound: Miroslav Babic